Who is the Master?!!!

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Berry Gordy’s “The Last Dragon” may have been my favorite movie of all time.  It had comedy, with, good music, great acting, a love story, and awesome fight scenes (at least for the time it was produced) and it had some real-life lessons in it. 


All through the movie a Kung Fu student named Bruce Leroy Green searches for the “Master” who will take him to the “final level” where HE will become “the Master”.  This journey takes him through many trials and at every turn is his nemesis, “Sho Nuff”, antagonizing and pushing him for a fight. 


Although Leroy’s instructor hints many times at where he will find “the Master” who will take him to the final level, Leroy just doesn’t get it.  Finally, at the end of the movie Sho Nuff has beat him half to death, takes him to this big tank of water and repeatedly dunks his head in the water to drown him.  Every time he pulls Leroy’s head out, he asks “Who is the master?!!!” expecting Leroy to say “Sho Nuff”, but Leroy just keeps shaking his head.  Finally, near death he is pulled out of the water and Sho Nuff asks “Who is the master?!!” and Leroy smiles, then says “I am!”


He has finally realized that after all the years of training, and the things he has been through, exactly what his instructor meant when he said “Leroy! There is one place you have not looked!  It is only THERE that you will find the master!”  He had not looked within himself and THAT was where the Master was the whole time. 


Are we not like Leroy?  Much of my life I have thought that this degree, the next certification, the next person in my life, the next job, the next sponsor, someone would tell me how to feel at peace with myself.  Even in Martial Arts, having been awarded the title of “Master” I didn’t quite feel the confidence that I thought should come with that title.  Today that is no longer true.  Now I am a Shihan, but I can tell you that no title, rank or certification will make up for feelings of insecurity. 

So where do we look for the answers?  Inside!  YOU are the master of your destiny… not a victim, and no one else is responsible.  So ask yourself, “Who is the Master?!!”

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