Are You Rich?

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Are you rich?

Being rich is a perception.  I don’t know of many people who think they are rich, but compared to most of the world, the average American is quite wealthy.  People is some countries talk about us and say things like “They don’t just have cars, they have houses for the cars!!! (garages)”  They are so amazed that we would be so wealthy we could afford a place to keep our car out of the weather.

Sadly, most of us don’t enjoy our prosperity.  Instead we spend our lives focused on what we don’t have.  We want the nice things we see on T.V. and think these things will make us happy.  As Dave Ramsey says, we will spend half our paychecks buying a car we can’t afford so we can impress the person next to us at a stop light that we don’t even know… and probably wouldn’t like them if we did!

It’s funny to think about, but for much of my life that would have been true about me.

Ironically, it isn’t the acquiring of things that makes us happy, it is gratitude for the things we already have that makes us happy.   To add to the irony, people who are happy where they are usually make the best workers, get more promotions and raises, so they wind up with more than the person who is always trying to “get ahead”. 

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