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Relationships are like bank accounts

I guess this one is mostly for the men but applies to both genders. Relationships require deposits just like a bank account. If we don’t put anything into a relationship, it will die, and that person will no longer be there for us.

The part of this that may be gender-specific, is this… guys, women don’t gradually loose interest. They can be devoted to a man who ignores them and takes them for granted, never giving a hint that they are less than happy. Then one day they have had enough, and it is like flipping a switch. At that point it is often too late to make it up. He will wonder what the heck he did. Usually it’s not what he did, but what he didn’t do.


So men, if you are in a relationship, give some thought to how you treated her in the beginning. What were the things you did that won her heart? That start doing them NOW! You will be amazed at the results.