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Believe in Miracles!

As I was eating breakfast, I remembered eaming or remembering something from my teen years – At 15 years old I ran away from home in San Diego. Not knowing where to sleep when night came I rolled up my jacket and used it for a pillow, then slept on a concrete floor in an apartment building that was under construction. Sometimes I would go two or three days without eating. Although I would have argued that I was “all grown up” at the time, looking at 15 year old kids now, it is wonder I survived.

When I was eight years old we visited my Uncle Jim’s farm in Kansas and I knew that I wanted to leave the city and live in the country. In fact the dream I had for my future was pretty much the life that I live now. During those nights as a runaway, I would dream of riding horses and being a cowboy somewhere in the Midwest.

Looking back at the challenges in my life - addictions, health problems, injuries, poverty, lack of education, and depression, it’s hard to believe that little scrawny 15 year old kid would amount to anything.

Funny thing, my life has been like a roller-coaster, starting over from scratch four times. At 43 years old I couldn’t find a job and found that my industry had gone the way of the buggy whips. I hit my knees and prayed for answers. Something told me to make a certain phone call and the result was a music scholarship at a junior college. That’s where I learned programming and started my current career. It is my third major industry change!

So considering where I came from, ...and the setbacks I’ve had, this lifestyle is nothing short of a miracle… and it keeps getting better!

I’ve worked hard for the things I have, but cannot take much of the credit. There were countless people who selflessly shared their experience, strength and hope with me over the years. Many times I’ve had to humble myself and accept their help. Over all, I believe that a loving God had a plan for me. … a miracle if you will.

The next time you see someone less fortunate, and think “they will never amount to anything”, or perhaps you think that about yourself, just consider that there were many who said that about me, including my first sponsor when I quit drinking.

I’m writing this for two reasons. First, if you have a warm house, enough to eat, and love in your life, you might have compassion for those less fortunate and secondly, if your own situation seems hopeless, maybe my story will inspire you to believe that you too can be a miracle. As an old AA member once told me “don’t give up just before your miracle!”

Have a great day everyone!