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Live and Let Live

This morning as I read the news and started reading Facebook posts I realized how much anger was being stirred up. As I drive to work the stress, anger and fear is apparent in the driver’s faces. Our society has reached the point where most of us just go around a little bit angry all day long… especially on work days.

I can remember afternoons spent just relaxing in the porch swing, and evenings playing cards with friends. Now it is “Go, Go, GO!” This seems to be true for just about everyone I know.

We don’t get enough sleep, we drive long distances to work, with drivers who are speeding to make up for being late. Worse, some of them think they have to see how many cars they can pass on the way in… It’s like a NASCAR race at times!

If we aren’t careful, our lives can be completely taken over by fear and anger. Fear that we won’t “have enough”, and anger at those who are keeping us from what we think we need and deserve. After a while we don’t even need a reason… we are mad at everyone. They just annoy us!

All of this robs us of our peace of mind. Fear of tomorrow and resentments from the past steal the happiness we should be having today. The crazy part is that we aren’t hurting anyone but ourselves. …and perhaps our loved ones because we can’t focus on them due to our preoccupation with resentments and fear.

So, I’m not going to read the news this morning. On the drive in, I’ll leave a few minutes early and actually drive the speed limit. Most of all I pray that when others annoy me I can remember that they are just as stressed out as the rest of us and need compassion, not anger.


In a nutshell, I will remember to “Live and Let Live”.