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I prefer a better solution over a bigger ego ~Grant Lester

A friend and co-worker sent those words in an email asking our team to critique some of his work. Needless to say the words impressed me.

Too often we ask for advice, but cringe or become defensive when someone actually has suggestions. Speaking from my own experience, there have been times when I asked for someone to give suggestions, then aggressively defended my actions when they did. Wouldn’t it be great if we could all just put our egos aside and learn from one another?

Our vice president shared a thought with me recently that really goes with this – continuous improvement. He said “Bill, I don’t get upset when we find something that can be improved upon, if we can make an adjustment to the process and learn from the mistake.” After five years of watching his organization I would have to say that those aren’t just words. He means them.

In the Karate Dojo (school) the Sensei corrects minor mistakes in our stance, or our techniques so that we can become proficient. The best instructors are the ones that make small adjustments. This way the student learns but also builds confidence.

In our daily lives we can also make tremendous improvements in our lives over time by small incremental adjustments., if we but have the wisdom to seek “...a better solution over a bigger ego.”

Have a great day everyone!