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Why so many rules?

Something that has always puzzled me is why we need so many rules. It seems to be something going back to earliest history.

The sad truth is that many of us want rules for everyone else but ourselves. Yet, we all lose a little of our freedom every time a new rule or law is enacted.

Many years ago I was in a management role at a hospital. The work was enjoyable, and it felt like we were providing a valuable service. Then one day the head nurse discovered that our section did not have a “policy and procedures” manual in place. Guess who spent the better part of 90 days trying to get that written and approved? Every possible contingency had to be thought out and addressed. It was brutal!

More recently I was part of a new chapter in a Motorcycle club. We were told that a rulebook would need to be created. This was something I expected to go pretty fast because most of us just wanted to be free, ride the bikes and enjoy the open road. Boy was I ever in for a surprise! Meeting after meeting with more and more rules! At one point I said “you guys do realize that we are all expected to follow the rules we write, aren’t you?!!! I can’t remember for sure, but it seems like there were about 25 pages when we were finished.

Worst of all, we try to write laws to make everyone behave. Yet, there are always those who find loopholes and wiggle through them somehow.

From the rules we have in elementary schools to our IRS codes the result is always the same. No matter how hard we try to legislate morality, failure is the inevitable result. I think the best we can hope for is to raise the next generation of children to know right from wrong, and accept that there will always be rule-breakers and criminals. Writing more laws and rules, just takes away from our own freedoms. I would like to see us reverse course, and take quite a few off the books.

Maybe it is all about integrity. People of honor don’t really need all those rules, do they?

Your thoughts?

Have a nice day everyone!