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Be Bold!

Andrea Harkins, author of "The Martial Arts Woman", writes articles for women in the martial arts, but most of what she writes is applicable to all of us.

She posted a comment some time ago that caught my eye. Within the comment was this paragraph in particular –

“Your life is precious and unpredictable. In one fail swoop you can be lifted up or dragged down. You can believe in yourself or question your existence. You can decide to embrace your dreams or live in stagnation. You can choose to be a regular Joe, or become the master of your life. The best decisions are so clear, and yet you shy away from the best choices because of fear or worry or concern. Don't. Don't let those things dissuade you from a positive forward momentum. You will gain appropriate friendships and disintegrate barriers as you go.”

Nowhere have I seen such a positive statement in so few words. She is absolutely right! In our new society of sensitivity, and the “victim mentality” where we blame others for our lack of success this shines through as a ray of truth! It sure makes me want to reexamine some of the decisions I’ve made and boldly make new ones.

The next time you are nervous about an opportunity or a decision, remember these words and “be bold!”