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Thought for the day – “I’ve never seen growth without pain, or pain without growth” ~Barbara E.

A friend in the program shared those words with me several years ago, and I instantly understood how profound they were. In martial arts it has been said with a touch of humor – “Pain is the best teacher, but no one wants to go to class.” Choi Hong Hi (complements of my friend, Dr. Bohdi Sanders)

Either way you want to think of it, pain is a great teacher. For many of us it is the only teacher we listen to. As a young man I was arrogant and stubborn, but pain would always win through as a teacher.

Rather than depressing, the “growth through pain” paradox has been a comfort to me through troubled times. Enduring a particularly painful period in my life, I could consider the lessons to be learned, and open my mind to now ideas with hope that I would be a better and stronger person on the other side.

I have read about spiritual leaders who said they looked forward to painful times as lessons to be learned. Although I read that 39 years ago, and have tried my best, it would be an outright lie to say that I could do that! In my case at least Choi Hong Hi was right. I do NOT want to go to “pain class”. However, I do appreciate the life lessons I have learned there, and feel pretty certain there will be more.

Have a great day everyone!