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Being challenged is inevitable. Being defeated is optional.

Yesterday I mentioned a very educational visit with an executive. He had this slogan on the wall, and made a point to mention it to me.

In martial arts we say the same thing in a different way – “fall down seven times, get up eight!” To succeed in any worthwhile endeavor requires perseverance. In fact, if a person didn’t do anything else, but just stay on focused on a goal, determined to never give up, I’d say they had a really good chance of succeeding. This one attribute can overcome physical and mental challenges, lack of education, and “bad luck”.

My martial arts career has been quite rocky. There dojos (schools) that closed their doors, lack of finances, and a crushed right foot were just some of the setbacks I faced. Each one of these challenges made me wonder if my goal of becoming a black belt might be unobtainable, but I never gave up. Today I am proud to be called “Renshi Holman”, 5th degree black belt.

Remember these things when YOU feel like giving up. “Being defeated is optional!” … or if you prefer “fall down seven times, get up eight!

Have a great day everyone!