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Seek Continuous Improvement

I used to think that great men and women were just born to be great. That somehow they were wired a little different. However, now that I have spent many years studying their common traits, it is obvious that they weren’t born that way. In most cases they were anything but great, but something changed them. Now I realize that greatness can be achieved incrementally through conscious effort.


If a child shows musical aptitude, giving them an instrument will not make them a virtuoso. IF they spend a minimum of four hours a day for a few years, THEN they might become a virtuoso. One hour a day, and they will become quite proficient. 30 minutes a day, and they will probably become an “okay” musician.

Applying this same logic to other facets of our lives, it just makes sense that perhaps we should spend a few minutes every day, honestly going over our actions and looking for ways to improve. Getting some honest feedback from others is helpful, but only if it in the spirit of helpfulness.

For the last 39 years I have tried to do this. Today I might not be what you think of as a “great man”, but if you knew what I was like in 1977, then you would be amazed at the growth. To be honest, there were some times when I backslid, but never gave up. Slow, steady progress is what we’re looking for here.

What about you? Are you living a life of continuous improvement? If not, how come? It just takes “baby steps”.