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The trouble with being smart is that normal folks think you’re crazy” ~Steve Jobs

I'm pretty sure my last manager thought this about me!  lol
I read that quote a while back (paraphrased). It was attributed to Steve Jobs, but I cannot verify that... although it sounds a lot like something he would say. I can think of some corollaries that go with it –


“The trouble with really happy people, is that normal people think they are crazy and unrealistic”

“The trouble with people with a lot of faith is that normal people think they are crazy or stupid”

“The trouble with over-achievers is that normal people think they are crazy (obsessed)”

The plain truth is that most people get comfortable, give up their dreams and rest on their laurels when allowed to. Anyone who doesn’t follow this pattern seems strange to them. Sadly THEY are the ones being left behind. Which group are you in? I have to admit that I have been on both sides of this.

These quotes show how stupid it really is to live for the approval of others. We all need to do what is right for US, and quit worrying about what others think.