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Let go of the guilt!

Before I quit drinking (40 years ago) there came a time when my guilt consumed me so bad I couldn’t stand to be sober because of the memories. When I couldn’t stand it anymore I drank, but after drinking I would feel even more guilty, so I’d drink again… and again… This cycle was one of the worst things I ever experienced.

Many years ago my view on religion was that it added to our guilt. God was some kind of gate-keeper that was keeping score. Since I had done so badly, there wasn’t any use trying to be good any more. Church was for good people, not sinners like me. Now I know otherwise.

It is ironic that a Baptist preacher set me straight on that. He said “If you have guilt, it is NOT from God!” Wow! What a revelation. He was right… convincingly so!

Today I realize that just about all of us have guilt over something we have done. Happily, there is a way to free ourselves from those feelings. It’s a three-stage thing –

  1. Admit the act that caused the guilt. Admit it to yourself, to God and to another human being, if possible.

  2. Make amends wherever possible

  3. Let it go and live in the present.

Most folks know about the first two, but that third one is just as important. Guilt, just like depression, is always past related. When we stay focused on the present depression and guilt dissolve.

Oh yeah, to KEEP the guilt from coming back there is a fourth item –

  1. Help others in a selfless manner.

I have found it impossible to have negative emotions when I am helping others. It just doesn’t fit.

So, if you have any guilt that is still eating at you, follow this simple plan and “Let go of the guilt!”

Have a great day everyone!