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Practice These Principles in all our Affairs

The 12th step of the 12 steps of AA end with this simple line. This idea is that we should strive for honesty, integrity, faithfulness, loyalty, and humility in every facet of our lives.

Unfortunately, most of us tend to compartmentalize our lives. It is so easy to be a Sunday morning Christian, then forget about it during the next six days. Likewise, with other belief systems. I even see it in the martial arts with the “wanabes”. They are all pumped up during class, but don’t bother to practice techniques or Katas between classes.

As for me, I confess that it is really fun to get all metaphysical with the Zen readings or a bible verse before going to work, but at around 3:00 pm those thoughts just might not be at the forefront of my consciousness. More importantly we tend to often act the worst around those we love the most.


For today I pray that I truly can “Practice these principles in all of my affairs.”