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If you’re doing to do something, do the best job you can!

This thought came from my Dad. He’s long gone now. Some of his lessons took a lifetime to “take root” in his oldest son. Perhaps I was just a slow learner.

Some of us just aren’t good at following directions. Whether a blessing or a curse, I was that child that always had to ask “why?” If the answer didn’t strike me as reasonable, then I just wouldn’t do it, or just do enough to stay out of trouble.

Nowadays I understand the significance of this simple saying. Whether it is something we are doing for fun or for work, we should always do our best, and work with a good attitude.

Like I said, it took me a lifetime to really get this, but now I love the feeling of a job well done.

Thank you for a great lesson Dad. In this regard, you really were a great role model.

Have a great day everyone! … and Happy Valentine’s Day!