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What is your legacy going to be?”

In “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”, Stephen Covey suggests in Habit #2 of the “7 Habits” that we “begin with the ending in mind” and consider what we would like others to say about us after we die. How would we want them to think of us?


When honest with ourselves, I doubt that anyone giving this a serious try would say to themselves “I hope they talk about how much money I had, or how big my house was.” Nope, probably not one person. This is a personal exercise but most of us would want to hear “He was a good father” or “She was so kind and considerate”… you get the idea.

Once we have a clear idea what we would really want our life to stand for when we are gone, then we gain clarity and focus on what is REALLY important in our life. Then we can begin making decisions and taking action to see that happens. Our lives take new direction and meaning.

How about you? What is your legacy going to be? Will it be what you want it to be or something else? If your answer is “something else” maybe you should consider your priorities and make some changes.