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Be responsible for your own attitude!

The image with this post says it all. We should never let other people control our emotions or attitude. Sure there will always be something that offends us. Perhaps someone who interacts with us enjoys just “yanking our chain” to watch us get upset. What if we didn’t get upset anymore? Do you think they would keep doing it when the fun stops?

Abraham Lincoln once said “Folks are as happy as they make their minds up to be.” (Paraphrased). He was right. We have a choice. Our media in the U.S. is loaded with people who are “offended”. In fact, I’m sure there are many lawsuits in our courts dealing with someone being offended even as I write this.

Isn’t it time we all “cowboy up” and quit whining about being “offended”. If a real offense has occurred, deal with it accordingly. If not, then smile at the ignorance of the perpetrator, and go on about your business.

As for me, I’m going to take Lincoln’s advice and make a conscious, decision to be happy!

Have a great day everyone!


Credits: The image is from Bohdi Sander’s book “Men of the Code”. I highly recommend it. Many of my “thoughts” have been inspired by his writings.