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The Principle Centered Life

Why would we live a principle centered life? Most folks wouldn’t bother. They go through life like a bush pilot who flies “by the seat of his pants”, changing direction and making decisions based on external stimulus. Over first 40 years of my life that was how I lived. Whatever was expeditious, that would be the right decision.

Then I began to read things, and experience things that changed my mind, and my life. The value of having the integrity to be consistent in my decisions began to make sense to me. No longer was it just about being good so I didn’t go to hell when I died. There were tangible reasons why living a good life would pay off in THIS life as well as the next one. One of the most obvious was that people tend to trust and do business with someone they feel will always “do the right thing.”

What was astounding to me was how much stress is lowered when we write out what principles we live by and make a conscious decision to live by them. These are the things we will ALWAYS adhere to NO MATTER WHAT. Going through the exercise of making these decisions with a personal commitment leaves us in a lot better place for our future. Decisions become non-issues. Temptation is greatly lessened. When a “shortcut” looks appealing, we have a safety net to remind us there are valid reasons for living a life of integrity.

The wonderful result is that in our rapidly changing world, where nothing seems constant, our principles provide an anchor and a foundation. It is very freeing.

What are your principles? Have you ever considered what things you absolutely, positively would or would not do? Kudos to you if your answer was yes. If your answer was no, then I strongly urge you to consider doing so. The rewards just might surprise you.

Note: The principle centered life is not for the feint of heart. In fact, it takes real courage. Sometimes the consequences can be severe, so be prepared. There are many people who will not appreciate your commitment to integrity, and some who will become enemies. I have personally experienced these consequences, but will say that if you “stick to the high road” in the long run you will be better off AND you will feel much better about yourself!

Have a great day!