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Let go of your fear #2

Fear makes pain worse. Yesterday I gave a couple of examples of that. Those examples were about physical pain, but what about emotional pain? Is it also true for other types of pain? I believe so.

Over the last 60 years, I have survived being homeless, divorce, loss of loved ones, being fired from a job, and an attempt to take my life. In each case there was that question in my mind – “Will I survive this?” In the cases where I held on to that thought and worried, the situation was much worse, and recovery took longer. Now I have learned to stop those thoughts immediately and answer myself with “YES!!! You will make it through this with God’s help Bill!” Then I think of the other hardships I’ve overcome and then gain the faith that it will be okay.

Some of these things have a pain that never quite goes away. We can deal with that pain, but add fear and the pain becomes much worse.

Bohdi Sanders writes – “Fear is a choice. …Danger is real, but fear is a choice.” He is right, we need to discipline our minds to only dwell on the positive thoughts. Even panic can be overcome by breathing deeply and focusing on some calming experience. Yes, it is difficult but well worth the effort.

Have a great day everyone and let go of the fears in your life!