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Face your fear!

A friend shared with me the story of her young grand-daughter getting blood drawn at the lab. The girl was scared to death of the needle. Interestingly this girl does Karate, sparring, competition, board breaking, etc., but the idea of the needle had her in panic so bad they finally had to hold her arm while the needle was inserted. As soon as the needle was in her arm, she calmed down and watched while they took three vials of blood without any more anxiety at all. My friend asked why she was so scared of something like this after breaking boards with her hands and feet, she simply said “boards don’t have needles!”

In my own life, I have had to endure some painful experiences, but the one this story really reminded me of, was the time I had a tube inserted through my nose and into my stomach. It was a horrible ordeal, even though I was a “black belt”, and thought I was tough. It was painful, uncomfortable, and I gagged several times. The lady doing the procedure promised me this would be a once-in-a-lifetime event, but as fate would have it, she called two weeks later, and said the doctor wanted to have it done again because the tests were inconclusive.

Surprisingly, the second time it went smoothly and I wasn’t nearly as painful. What was the difference? I knew what was ahead, and that it would be okay.

This experience and others have convinced me that fear makes pain worse, and if we can only relax and believe that everything will be okay, then it is amazing what we can endure. Since then I have actually endured a broken bone with nothing but Tylenol for the pain.

How do we overcome fear? I’ve noticed that fear makes us breath faster. Forcing ourselves to take slow, deep breaths brings calmness. With calmness, pain and anxiety is lessened.

Above all, we need to just learn to relax and know that everything will be okay. Okay, I admit it, I’m still working on it too! Lol

Have a great day everyone!