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You Reap What You Sow

This quote from the Bible (Galatians 6:7) is one almost everyone knows, but most of us try to believe is isn’t so. We think no one will know if we cheat just a little, or better still we think life will give us something back other that what we have put in.

Farmers and Gardeners know this axiom first hand. They know with dead certainty that you can’t plant corn and get potatoes. Sounds crazy doesn’t it? …or does it?

In martial arts, it is extremely obvious which students have put in the extra effort of training hard every day and which ones have not. They don’t have to spar. You can see it in every technique… every punch, every kick, and every step.

Do you think business, personal relationships, weight loss, performance, or education are any different?

There might be some systems you can beat, but life isn’t one of them. Is there some area of your life that isn’t going to the way you wanted it to go? If so, can you see what you might have been doing to bring it about?

Every time I have forced myself to make an honest, open-minded self-appraisal, it was pretty obvious where I contributed to the situation. I you want more, or something different out of life, you will have to change what you are putting IN to life.

As my friend Cecil Drummond says – “Think about it.”