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Pass it On!

MMA fighter, and long-time friend Mark Barrett recently posted a list of the people instrumental in this martial arts career and expressed gratitude for their influence and help. Mark spends a lot of time “passing it on” by working with young men and women helping them learn martial arts just like he was taught.

I have tried to do the same wherever the opportunity presented itself by teaching martial arts, writing these TOD posts, doing software presentations, teaching electronics, and working with alcoholics. Some of the most rewarding experiences of my life have come from these interactions.

In a sense, who we are and what we become has a lot to do with the people who guided and influenced us. Don’t we owe it to them to pass it on?

Further, we tend to ‘get’ more than we receive when we help others. The program of Alcoholics Anonymous is a great example of this. Seemingly hopeless alcoholics get better mostly by teaching the 12 step program to other alcoholics… for free.

Sometimes I wonder if a lot of the current ills in our society are just a result of young people who don’t have the benefit of positive influence we did.

How about you? Are you “passing it on”? Is there some way you can reach out to someone who is struggling to learn the lessons of honesty, consistency and integrity? Perhaps teach them a trade or something as simple as how to fish or how to cook? Not only will you be helping them, but you’ll be surprised at how much you gain from the experience.

Have a great day everyone!