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8 Steps to succeed in your goals

These steps were promised to you yesterday. They come right out of Bill Phillips book “Body for Life” as an outline for his 12 week fitness program. They encapsulate the process as well, if not better than anything I’ve seen.

  1. Make the decision to change

  2. Identify YOUR reason for change

  3. Focus on your future vision

  4. Dream of what you would like to achieve within 12 weeks

  5. Transform five of those dreams into goals by giving them a deadline, a way to measure them, and writing them down

  6. Identify three unauthorized patterns of action that my hold you back and write them down

  7. Identify three new patterns of action that will help you reach your goals and write them down

  8. Read what you’ve written first thing in the morning and again at night each and every day of your 12-week-Program

By the way, I highly recommend his book if you can find a copy.

Why 12 weeks? Because it is short enough to give us a sense of urgency, but long enough to see some real results. Your own program might be 16 weeks like a college semester. (hint, hint, college students!) If you have a long-term goal like become president of a multinational corporation, and you are serious about it, I urge you to break it into manageable chunks, 12 to 16 weeks each. Oh and give yourself a chance to celebrate the victories, maybe even a short break, but never lose sight of your long term goal.

Oh, I almost forgot the most important part of this formula – BELIEVE THAT YOU CAN DO THIS!!!! … Because you can!

Have a great day everyone!