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Your limits are mostly in your mind

“I’ll probably always be working in a factory. I don’t have the education.”

“I’d like to get ahead, but I’m too old to start college.”

“No way could I ever be a black belt. I’m not athletic, and I can’t afford it.”

“I’ve tried marriage and it didn’t work. I’ll probably be a lone until I die. Why would I want to try again?”

“Perhaps it’s time to slow down. I’m close to ‘retirement age’ and my memory is going. Even the doctor says I have cortical atrophy”

These are all limitations I have set on myself at some point. Each one of them now looks stupid when I read them! Each and every one of them has since been overcome.

Why do we put limitations on ourselves? We were created with an enormous capacity to succeed, yet we are so often content with mediocrity or allow ourselves to be mentally and emotionally beaten into submission, mostly by our own minds.

What are your self-imposed limitations? Will you admit they are put there by you? Ask yourself why.

Tomorrow I’m going to give a formula to help overcome these. Until then, ponder your limitations. Admittedly some might be real, but if you are like me, you will have to admit most are in your mind.

Have a great day everyone!