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Sometimes we just have to just let go

Last month at work was frustrating for me. I’m one of those “hands on” people who likes to get things done. Unfortunately I was dependent on other people doing preliminary work. We have a great group of people where I work, but in this case, there were people taking time off and other priorities that delayed my stuff. No matter how much I struggled against the inevitable, things got done way later than I had planned and it put me behind.

The irony is that if I had just worked on something else until they finished instead of trying three different alternatives, the outcome would have been about the same.

A slogan long ago adopted by AA groups says “Let Go and Let God”. Not bad advice. Another of my favorite quotes is “There is a God and I’m not him!” Why do I still struggle with these concepts!!! Lol

The truth is, we are often faced with circumstances we cannot control. Getting upset just makes matters worse. I know this, but still catch myself fighting it at times.

The good news is that today is a new day, and yesterday’s frustrations are behind me. Today I will look forward to new challenges and new opportunities for growth. How about you?

Have a great day!