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Train your mind to see the good in every situation

There are many mornings when the inspiration to write something positive just isn’t there. My mind is filled with chaotic thoughts and I just want to sit and drink coffee! On these mornings I read something inspirational, or consider previous posts like this one from my friend Donovan Dobbs. In a few minutes the chaos in my mind becomes still and somehow I just know what to write. In essence my mind is becoming disciplined to think in uplifting ways, even early in the morning… but it takes effort. 


So, can we train our mind to actually see the good in every situation? Think of catastrophic events, the death of a loved one, divorce, or even an argument with a co-worker – how can there be ANYTHING good in these situations? 


When a friend in the counseling business was asked what good could possible come out of a divorce she smiled and said “Something wonderful happens often happens after a divorce – two miserable people become four happy people.” While I think people get divorced too quickly without trying alternatives, she did have a point. 


On April 10th, 1979 Wichita Falls, Texas was leveled by an estimated F5 tornado. The entire city was without power for two weeks. People died, thousands of homes were destroyed, including mine and 18,000 people were left homeless. As I went door to door searching for survivors the stories of people helping each other, and of sheer determination to overcome and build back were inspiring. In fact, I have never seen people so committed to helping each other as I did right after that tornado! This outpouring of love after something so tragic and devastating taught me that we can indeed find positive in the midst of the most terrible events if we open our minds and our eyes. 


So for today, this will be my commitment – to find the positive in everything that happens around me. I’ll let you know how it works! 


Have a great day!