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Focus on your sphere of influence

From the media coverage, Facebook posts about Cecil the lion, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and other high profile news items, it would seem that the people of our society have turned into a bunch of hate-mongers. In many cases this is on both sides of the discussion. Why are we so consumed with what others are doing? Even assuming we have some kind of righteous anger why do we expend so much emotional energy on something we have no control over?

Perhaps because long as we keep attention focused on the evil-doing of others we can ignore our own character defects. The problem with this is that if we don’t focus on improving ourselves, then we cannot grow as people.

Bottom line, it is only by examining our own lives and improving, that we can really make a difference in the world. As Stephen Covey put it – Focus on your sphere of influence and it will grow. Focus on external things you cannot control and your control will lessen.


In the 12 step program we take a moral inventory, and ask God to remove our defects of character. Experience has taught us that without this crucial step, not much progress will follow. One of our sayings is “If nothing changes… nothing changes.” Food for thought.