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Every person is entitled to respect and dignity

Many years ago I took Mandt training for a counseling job at the hospital working with adolescents who had chemical dependency problems. That sentence was the first thing we learned in the class. That was over 30 years ago, but I’ve never forgotten it, because it was, and is, a profound truth.

Whether a snobbish executive or a lowly alcoholic sleeping under a bridge, we are all God’s kids.

That doesn’t mean I have to “like” everyone, it just means that I show respect.

In martial arts, that takes on an even greater meaning. We show respect to the teacher, each other, the school and most importantly, our opponent.

I am glad to say that this “respect for everyone” has carried over into the rest of my life and I have just a little more serenity and get along with folks a little better as a result.


Is this something you might want to try? As for me, I think our society would get a lot less stressful if everyone had this philosophy.